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Abdalla Elzarkawy - Middle Country CSD

Abdalla Elzarkawy

As a soccer player, Abdalla is no stranger to rehabilitating sports injuries. He became very friendly with the staff of his local physical therapy office, who kept his joints healthy and got him back to playing after injuring his knee twice. “I’ve had to do physical therapy a few times – so I knew I wanted to do it as a career. Thanks to the Academy, I can start working toward that goal even sooner.” Abdalla, a senior from Middle Country CSD, is currently in the Physical Therapy Aide Program at BTC. Through hands-on experience, he will be able to start interning and working at physical therapy offices before he goes to college. After graduating, Abdalla plans to go to college for pre-med, focusing on biology, a major that will help him get into physical therapy school. “Having this experience early on helps me plan the next step of my life with confidence, because I know that I truly love what I want to do.”


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