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North Shore LIJ Hospital Spark Challenge



Applying sutures to a banana at Hunting Hospital as part of the SPARK Challenge 

Clinical Medical Assisting students experienced a day in the life of a front-line medical personnel from nurses to doctors, physical therapists to emergency teams, and everyone in between! Students explored the clinical health care opportunities available to them and worked with top professionals in the field. Students were selected by their instructors, Ms. Leedham and Ms. Martin, based on their classroom performance and positive attitudes. The SPARK Challenge was a way of igniting students' interest in STEM health care careers. Students were broken up into groups and rotated through varied modules including suiting up for Ebola training, shadowing a phlebotomist, administering stitches, viewing an angiogram in one department and paracentesis in another. Upon completion of their rotations, students were served lunch and received further guidance from various department heads who spoke about different programs and avenues to explore to fulfill their path in the health careers.