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Kathy Calandra

Kathy Calandra

Cosmetology Teacher

Cosmetology has always been Kathleen Calandra’s calling. Even before she began the CTE Program at Milliken Tech as a high school junior, she knew that was her career path. “I always liked doing hair and the program was a good fit for me,” she said.

After high school graduation, Calandra hit the ground running, immediately securing employment in the industry, where she worked steadily for years. By the time her own children were all in school, Calandra entered the second phase of her career by enrolling in college to become a teacher of CTE. Said Calandra, “I like working with kids and I was ready for something more.”

Calandra’s experience and hard work continued to pay off. She was hired as a teaching assistant and then became a full-time teacher at Milliken Tech. Today, she loves what she does, inspiring students everyday about the exciting career opportunities available in the cosmetology industry, whether it is behind the chair or in front of the classroom.


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