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Jeff Varley

Jeff Varley

Teacher of HVAC

Jeff Varley was about to enter his third year of teaching Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) to ESBOCES Adult Education Program students when he learned of an open position to teach HVAC at the Academy. While he continues to teach Adult Ed at night, he is thrilled to be teaching Career and Technical Education students at Bixhorn Tech in Bellport since he is a graduate of the program at Milliken Tech. “I always liked using my hands and figuring out how things work, and I gravitated toward the HVAC Program while in high school,” Jeff says.

After working the field for more than six years after graduating, Jeff is excited to be working with young students in the classroom full time. “It’s exciting to see when the light bulb goes off for them,” says Jeff. “When they are struggling a little bit and all of a sudden you break it down and relate it to something they can relate to, and they get it -it's just a great feeling.”

Jeff feels teaching CTE is different than teaching Adult Ed because you have the opportunity to impact the students’ lives more fully. “You are with these students every day,” he says. “They spend fifty percent of their high school experience in your class and you can really influence their lives.” Jeff looks forward to fully preparing his students to work in the field and helping them with job placement once they have completed the program.

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