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Reilleigh Liguori

Reilleigh Liguori

Marine/Motorsports Program

Reilleigh Liguori, a standout student from Mattituck High School, distinguished herself in the Marine Motorsports Technology program at the Academy. Her remarkable achievements include securing the second position in the state during the Small Engine Repair Competition at SkillsUSA.

Reilleigh's decision to enroll in Marine Motorsports Technology stemmed from her desire to acquire hands-on skills, which has already opened doors to scholarship opportunities, underscoring the practicality of her training. Through the program, she has gained invaluable expertise in various aspects of the field.

Looking ahead to the future, Reilleigh has set her sights on furthering her education at the NASCAR Technical Institute in the fall of 2024. Her acceptance into this institution is a testament to her dedication, passion, and the solid foundation she has built through her experiences in the Marine Motorsports Technology program.

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