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Nootimus Williams

Nootimus Williams

Certified Personal Trainer Program

Nootimus Williams stands out as a leader at the Academy. Within his class, he consistently demonstrates exemplary leadership capabilities, always ready to extend a helping hand to fellow students. This commitment to collaboration extends beyond the classroom, as seen in his active participation and leadership roles in both football and basketball teams.

Choosing to pursue a path as a certified personal trainer, Nootimus's decision is rooted in his deep passion for fitness and a dedicated focus on proper lifting techniques. His enthusiasm for imparting knowledge is evident in his joy at teaching clients how to exercise safely, ensuring both results and injury prevention. Nootimus's dedication has not gone unnoticed, as he has earned the distinction of being selected as "Employee of The Month" from his class, a testament to his hard work and impact.

Looking toward the future, Nootimus has set his sights on studying criminal justice in the fall, with the ultimate goal of becoming a police officer. His journey exemplifies a multifaceted commitment to leadership, physical well-being, and the pursuit of a meaningful career in public service.

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