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Nick Lomuto - South Country CSD

Nick Lomuto - South Country CSD

Welding Program

After a trip to the Academy Open House during his sophomore year, Nick Lomuto made the decision to road test the Welding Program. Friends and family who knew him well encouraged him to explore the trade because they thought he and the program would make an ideal fit. “I came in to look around during the open house. I really liked the idea of welding so I gave it a try and just loved it,” he said.

Nick is now in his second year of the program and just as enthusiastic. The combination of welding, classroom academics, hands-on work with materials and equipment, industry insight through his teacher’s professional experience, meeting professionals who visit as guest speakers, and industry-related field trips keeps him excited.

Said Nick, “Honestly, I just love the hands-on experience. We’re learning about the different types of metals, how to use the welding machines, how to fix them, how to set them up. Mr. Akers explains how to put it all into practice. It's great.” In addition to sharing his experience, Welding Teacher John Akers keeps his students regularly engaged with fun, project-based assignments such as creating personal-size grills, industrial-looking décor and long-stem metal roses.

During his two years in the program, Nick has also earned three valuable industry certifications that make him that much more marketable to potential employers after graduation. His goal is to work for the local union after high school. “I want to use what I am learning here, which would be amazing,” he said.


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