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Jorge Mendez

Jorge Mendez

Computer Repair & Networking Program

Jorge consistently demonstrates his exceptional abilities within the Computer Repair and Networking Program at the Academy, showcasing proficiency both in the lab and during lectures. In his second year, he has surpassed expectations, consistently diving headfirst into projects with enthusiasm and dedication. Jorge's commitment extends beyond personal success; he willingly assists his peers, offering guidance to first-year students in need of support.

Known for his readiness to learn and contagious enthusiasm, Jorge approaches each class with a positive and proactive attitude. Whether it's actively engaging in lab work or eagerly participating in lectures, he sets a high standard for dedication and collaborative spirit. Jorge's commitment to excellence and willingness to contribute to the success of the entire class make him a standout participant in the program. Jorge believes this program has set him on the road to success as a future Computer Network Technician.

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