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Delaney Dugan

Delaney Dugan

Welding/Metal Fabrication Program

Delaney's commendable work ethic and unwavering dedication to achieving excellence deserve recognition. Her commitment to realizing her full potential is evident in her perseverance through challenges and obstacles on the journey toward her career goals. Not only is she motivated to succeed, but Delaney also willingly embraces mentoring and leadership responsibilities, exemplified by her role as Mr. Aker's Teaching Assistant during the CTE Summer Career Exploration Program.

One of Delaney's notable qualities is her openness to feedback and a genuine commitment to self-reflection, showcasing a desire for continuous improvement. In the Welding program, she has discovered both interest and purpose, driving her to strive for excellence in her craft. Delaney has set her sights on making welding her lifelong career.

Delaney's story serves as an inspiration, highlighting the value of hard work, resilience, and a proactive approach to both learning and leadership. Her dedication to personal and professional growth sets a commendable example for others in the pursuit of their aspirations.

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