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Benjamin Robles - Eastport-South Manor CSD

Benjamin Robles - Eastport-South Manor CSD

HVAC Program

Some people know exactly what they want to do. Benjamin Robles is such a person. Ben joined Chris Gibat, Jr.’s, HVAC class at Ward Tech in his junior year.  According to him, he recognized the potential for a strong career in this industry on Long Island. He knew some people who had attended the Academy Program and heard promising things about both the school and the job market. He went to the open house and then registered for the class.

Now in his senior year, this Eastport-South Manor student plans to hit the ground running immediately after graduation and obtain a job in the field. The thorough education, which includes HVAC projects for local businesses through the Academy’s Business & Industry Program, enabled him to get a summer job in the industry. Said Ben, “Mr. G is always interacting with us and he’s a good teacher. He’s always explaining how to do things.” In fact, his employer thought he came with enough know-how to let him work unsupervised at times. Long term, Ben hopes to open his own business after spending a number of years working for established companies. Just as with his decisions concerning his career choice and education, Ben knows exactly what he wants to do.


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