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Mark Weinberg, DMD

Mark Weinberg, DMD

Orthodontist and Owner of Dr. Mark J. Weinberg, DMD

Business and Industry Partner Mark Weinberg, Orthodontist and Owner of Dr. Mark J Weinberg, DMD

Dr. Mark Weinberg, the owner and orthodontist of his own practice, has been welcoming interns from the Eastern Long Island Academy of Applied Technology Dental Chairside Assisting Program for over half a decade. He finds that the interns come in with a strong foundation of dental knowledge, and a strong desire to learn that makes them easy to work with.

While every student may not be interested in pursuing orthodontics when they graduate, the experience they have in his office is vital to their success as future dental professionals. “By observing us, we show them how they can recognize malocclusions, or misalignment of the teeth,” said Dr. Weinberg. “If they can identify that with a patient during a cleaning, they can refer those patients to get proper assistance so it doesn’t escalate. That helps them truly be well-rounded in whatever they choose to pursue in dentistry.”

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