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Janette Velazquez

Janette Velazquez

Hospital Manager at East Islip Animal Hospital

Business and Industry Partner Janette Velazquez, Hospital Manager at East Islip Animal Hospital

For Janette Velazquez, hospital manager at East Islip Animal Hospital, doing community work is a priority. She saw the opportunity to start working with the Eastern Long Island Academy of Applied Technology as a business and industry partner as another way to give back to her community. For nearly 10 years, the Animal hospital has been welcoming Animal Science interns into the office to give them firsthand experience with the day-to-day tasks that are the responsibility of a veterinary technician.

“This is a great way for them to observe and see how different things are from the classroom, to the real world,” Janette said. “If your knowledge is all based on what you read in books, you won’t have a good foundation once you really get into the hospital and see how busy it is. It can be loud, and an animal might not be totally cooperative – so observing, seeing how an experienced technician handles those challenges, really prepares them for a career after graduation.”


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