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Carl Gabrielsen

Carl Gabrielsen

Owner of Gabrielsen Farms, LLC

Business and Industry Partner Carl Gabrielsen, Owner of Gabrielsen Farms, LLC

Carl Gabrielsen enjoys providing students with opportunities to learn. Gabrielsen, the owner of the farms on Long Island’s East End that bear his family name, has been working with the Academy’s Career and Technical Education Program for the last half dozen years. He often has students from Chris Gibat, Jr.’s HVAC class at Ward Technical Center visit his facilities to perform various repairs.

Most recently, these students were hard at work servicing a refrigeration unit that was out of order. Gabrielsen understands that top-notch trade skills are in demand in today’s job market, which is why he is a firm believer in solid, hands-on experience for anyone studying the trades. “There is nothing like on-the-job training,” he said. “Learning in the classroom is one thing, but coming down to the actual jobsite is something else entirely.”

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