Application Process


    General Statement on Admissions

    Academy courses are offered as part of Career and Technical Education for secondary level students. These courses can lead to entry-level employment or post-secondary education.
    All students have the right of accessibility to programs of instruction available at The Academy and Special Career Education Centers within the Supervisory District. 11th and 12th grade students are eligible for admission to The Academy.

    Academy Student Registration Procedures

    • The registration process begins with the completion and submission of an Intake Application Form. It must be completed, signed by the Student, Parent/Guardian, School Nurse, Guidance Counselor and District Superintendent. All Intake Application Forms should be printed neatly in ink. The current grade level of the student should be used on the application.
    • The Intake Application Form must be accompanied by the student’s high school transcript. If a student is classified by his/her district CSE, the completed Intake Application Form, along with the student’s high school transcript, must also be accompanied by the student’s IEP, psychological report and vocational assessment. Applications should be sent with accompanying information to Academy Admissions,  Instructional Support Center @ Sequoya High School, 750 Waverly Avenue, Holtsville  11742.
    • All applications will go through a review process to determine appropriate student placement for each application received. The home school district will receive an enrollment confirmation or a second placement option from The Academy approximately two weeks from receipt of the application.
    • Students attending parochial or private schools need to have their home school district approval on the Intake Application Form as stated in #1 above.
    • Adult residents of the supervisory District who have graduated high school or are 18 years or older may enroll in a secondary program. An Intake Application Form must be completed and they are available in the Admissions Office. Applications must be returned to the Academy Admissions office.
    • All Academy programs have been approved by the Veterans Administration. Veterans and their dependents may attend any of our classes as post-secondary students free of charge. In order to be eligible for these programs, the veteran (and/or their dependents) must contact the Department of Veterans Affairs and file an application. Once approved, the Department of Veterans Affairs will then process payment to our Agency. Approval must be received prior to the student attending Academy classes.

    Click here to download an English Version of our Intake Application

    For further information, please contact one of the Academy Guidance offices:
    Gary D. Bixhorn Technical Center: 631-286-6516
    Edward J. Milliken Technical Center: 631-244-5815
    Harry B. Ward Technical Center: 631-208-2038