• Law Enforcement Visits Nassau County Police Department Aviation Bureau

    Posted by WTC Law Students on 5/24/2019

    On Thursday, May 23, 2019 students from Mr. Biancardi's Law Enforcement classes visited the Nassau County Police Department's Aviation Bureau in Bethpage. There, Police Officers, Greg and Justin discussed with students equipment, aircraft, capabilities, and how the Aviation Bureau serves and protects the community. Officer Justin provided details through his lens as the pilot while Officer Greg discussed his role as the Tactical Coordinator. Student questions were addressed and students were actively engaged in learning more about this unique bureau within the N.C.P.D.. Thank you Officer's Greg and Justin for spending some time with us!










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  • Law Enforcement Students Build a Team

    Posted by Law Enforcement Students on 9/28/2018

    On Friday, September 28, 2018, students in Mr. Biancardi's Law Enforcement classes participated in various team building exercises. In this particular exercise, students used each other for support as the chairs were removed. Quite impressive; well-done students, well done!







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  • Personal Training Students Prepare Peers in Law Enforcement

    Posted by ESBOCES NEWS on 6/5/2018

    Obstacle Course Readies Students for Youth Academy


    Student scaling a wall in the obstacle course   Student jumping rope


    Law Enforcement and Personal Training students from two Academy locations recently collaborated in a training exercise to benefit both programs. Personal Training students designed an obstacle course for their Law Enforcement counterparts that is similar to the one used in the Suffolk County Police Department’s Youth Academy, a program many students want to participate in this summer. Training fellow students to prepare for this course provided those studying to be personal trainers with the opportunity to treat participants as clients. The Eastern Long Island Academy of Applied Technology is the career and technical education component of Eastern Suffolk BOCES (ESBOCES) with campuses in Oakdale, Bellport, and Riverhead.


    One student pushing against another who is holding large pads


    Law Enforcement students travelled from the Oakdale location to the Bellport campus where the Personal Training Program is housed and the obstacle course was created. The course consisted of jumping rope, performing push-ups, scaling a wall, dragging weights with a tow rope to simulate pulling a victim to safety, performing CPR on a dummy, fighting off a perpetrator, making a quick arrest, and other physical challenges. All the while, student personal trainers shouted encouragement to keep participants moving at top speed. Law Enforcement students worked with their peers in the Personal Training Program for most of the year to improve their fitness levels and prepare for this event.


    A group shot of the male and female winners

    The event also provided for cross-collaboration among many programs, supplying students with realistic industry-related experiences -- Carpentry students built the wall for the obstacle course and Professional Photography students documented great moments, as did TV Production students. The ESBOCES Food Service Special Career Education Program prepared healthy meals and beverages for everyone. The Special Career Education programs equip special needs students with skills that may aid them in securing entry-level employment in specific industries. Personal Training students also took students with special needs through the course, as they’ve learned to work with people of all ages, those with physical limitations, and developmental needs. “Everyone came out of this event a winner,” said Personal Training Teacher Jonathan Audiino. “While the project was conceptualized to benefit the Personal Training and Law Enforcement programs, students from numerous classes used this opportunity to engage in project-based learning.”

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  • Academy Students Practice Triage at Staged Accident

    Posted by ESBOCES News on 5/29/2018

    Students Receive First-Account, Hands-On Training


    two students wearing special effects makeup to look as if they've been in an accident    Medical Assisting students tends to the wounds of another student in this staged car accident


    Academy students at the Milliken Technical Center recently participated in a collaborative event involving multiple programs to provide realistic, hands-on experience. A post-car accident scene was created so that Medical Assisting students could bandage victims and perform triage, and Law Enforcement could properly manage the multi-person casualty. Cosmetology students provided special effects makeup so accident victims looked the part, Auto Body students supplied the damaged cars, and Audio Production students videoed the live event. The Eastern Long Island Academy of Applied Technology is the Career and Technical Education Program of Eastern Suffolk BOCES and has campuses in Oakdale, Bellport, and Riverhead.


    a student covered in fake blood lies on the hood of a car


    The accident scene was staged in a parking lot at the school and involved a two-car collision (Auto Body students simply moved two cars in need of repair outside). Volunteer victims sporting special effects makeup positioned themselves in and on the cars. Some of the victims utilized prosthetic wounds for classmates in the Medical Assisting Program to bandage. One abdominal prosthetic squirted blood and featured exposed plastic intestines. Law Enforcement students who didn’t volunteer as victims worked the accident, taking statements from witnesses and arresting one of the drivers who attempted to flee. Audio Production students videoed the event with handheld and drone video cameras. Said Deborah Leedham, Medical Assisting teacher, “Cross collaboration among programs at the Academy makes it possible for students to experience project-based learning in ways they might not elsewhere. The chaos, noise, confusion, and screaming were all part of the triage experience in this lesson, in addition to applying the industry skills they’ve all learned. It wasn’t an authentic trauma scene, but it was a valuable stepping stone in their educations.”


    group shot of all the classes involved in the project

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  • Bottles for the Brave

    Posted by AcademyLI News on 3/29/2018

    Since September 2017, Law Enforcement students from the Academy at Milliken Technical Center collected and recycled 6,000 empty water bottles. Proceeds from the recycled bottles donated to the Bottles for the Brave organization cover the cost of postage for mailing packages to deployed troops.

    Three Law Enforcement students haul empty water bottles to the front office.

    Law Enforcement Teacher Sandra Lochren said, “These students are definitely on a mission. Last year they collected 4,000 bottles. It’s only February and they’ve already collected 6,000.”

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  • Law Enforcement Students Learn to Conduct Proper Room Searches

    Posted by AcademyLI News on 1/31/2018

    Academy Students Safely Search Rooms in Pursuit of Assailants


    Student hiding in a metal supply cabinet    A pair of students search the Ladies Room


    The Law Enforcement students at the Harry B. Ward Technical Center have recently learned to safely conduct room searches. After learning the proper methods, students repeatedly practice within a simulated environment. The Harry B. Ward Technical Center is part of the Eastern Long Island Academy of Applied Technology, the career and technical education program of Eastern Suffolk BOCES.


    One student apprehends another    Group of students who participated in the exercise


    To complete this exercise, tables, desks, and large folding mats were turned on their sides within the classroom to create visual obstructions and potential hiding spots for the pursued. Most of the lights were turned off to further reduce visibility and doors to adjoining rooms were closed. Students used the procedures they learned to safely and methodically move about the room in search of their targets who were hiding. As a team, students crouched low, cautiously peered around corners, and maintained constant communication with each other as they moved through the room. One acted as the point officer and the other as the cover officer (the point officer takes the lead and conducts the search while the cover officer guards his back). Each was equipped with a flashlight, a rubber gun, and handcuffs. Their goal was to search the rooms, locate, apprehend, handcuff, and unarm an unknown number of assailants. If a weapon was overlooked during the search, students automatically failed the test. The pursued could hide anywhere. One hid on a shelf inside a metal supply cabinet. Said Anthony Biancardi, Law Enforcement teacher, “Proper police procedure saves lives. While this was not an active shooter room search, which is different, mastering correct technique can only help my students who plan to enter a branch of law enforcement after graduation.”

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Ward Tech Law Enforcement Students Visit Yaphank Jail as seen on News12 11/16/18